Chimpanzee Human Friendship Shows Deep Bonds Upon Reuniting

This video clearly illustrates the touching bond that can be formed between animal and human. These chimpanzees came out of laboratories in which they were used for medical research, testing vaccines that would later be used to help humans stay healthy.

Afterwards, they have no place to go. Animal behavior specialists Linda Koebner try to get them reaccustomed to living outside of the laboratory and inside this Florida Chimpanzee sanctuary. She has been an advocate for building places like this for chimpanzees to return to after growing up in captivity.

Koebner hasn’t seen these chimps for 25 years. She helped them come back out into freedom. She finally manages to get them to remember her. Florida isn’t close to their natural home in Africa, but it offers a safe place for chimps that grew up in captivity to return to.

Many chimps used for research end up living in cramped conditions, and are even mistreated. Advocates like Koebner have been trying hard to free chimps from such conditions. A major concern is that since chimp reactions are considered similar to human reactions by scientists when it comes to testing medications, they hold value for research on medicine that is critical to dealing with human disease.

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