The Story of the Special ‘Daddy Tree’

The Daddy tree helped the girl throughout the years. (Image: karla31 via Pixabay/CC01)
The Daddy tree helped the girl throughout the years. (Image: karla31 via Pixabay/CC01)

When I was 5 years old, my dad developed cancer and passed away. My mother and I planted a tree in the yard, and she said: “Let’s call it a Daddy tree.”

One day my classmates damaged a toy my Mom had bought for me. I was sad and told the Daddy tree. The next morning I found that my toy had been repaired. I jumped for joy. I was 6 years old.

When I was a student in elementary school, my classmates discovered that I had no father and laughed at me. I scolded the Daddy tree at the peak of my anger, and asked him why he abandoned me.

The Daddy tree was silent, and looked at me in the wind. Then I heard it say: “In this world, no one loves you more than I do.” I was 9 years old.

In junior high one day I had to write a report about relatives. I did not have any idea about my father, and I only remembered the way he was lying in bed.

I went to the Daddy tree and asked: “Daddy, what kind of person are you?”

I heard a voice far away: “Daddy is courageous and loves you the most in this world.” I was 14 years old then.

In college, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. I was so sad that I cried for three hours in front of the Daddy tree. Even though it was raining, I did not want to go inside.

The next day, I received a letter saying: “One day you will meet someone who will cherish you for your entire life, from Daddy.” I was 21 at that time.

After graduation, I started working and had less and less time to keep my mother company. Consequently, my mother looked more and more unhappy.

So I went to tell the Daddy tree: “Please talk to mother when you have time, for I don’t want to see her unhappy.”  After a few days, my mother regained her smile. I did not know whether it had something to do with the Daddy tree. As long as mother was happy again, I was happy. I was 31 years old.

A few years later, many wishes I made did not come true, and mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. I cried to the Daddy tree: “Is that because I did not love you two enough? So you all want to leave me? If that is true, I am willing to quit my job and stay home to take care of mother. As long as mother can regain her health, I am willing to give up everything.”

Turning around, I saw mother standing there with her grey hair flowing in the wind. She said with her voice of vicissitudes: “Daddy tree knows.”

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