See the Great Wall of China by Video Drone

Last year, a father and his two sons took video drones with them as they traveled some 15,000 km around the remains of the Great Wall of China. You can see some of their footage from their 60-day trip in the above video posted by BBC News.

British geographer, conservationist, and author William Lindesay took sons Jim and Thomas along the wall that was built and rebuilt by multiple dynasties over the course of thousands of years. Lindesay, 60, has studied the wall for the past three decades, and has published five books on the subject.

But videoing from the air offered a whole new perspective, Lindesay told the BBC:

The majority of the stone wall that currently exists in the country’s northern region was constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

“But there’s more to the wall than that,” Lindesay said.

“Before the tourist wall that people flock to, there were many other ‘Great Walls of China.'”

Way back in 1987, Lindesay was the first non-Chinese to walk the entire known length of the wall.

Watch this TED-Ed video about why the Great Wall of China is so extraordinary:

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