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Dominion Employee Previously Worked for Chinese State Company

Published: November 29, 2020
A poll worker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, counts ballots on a tabulation machine on Nov. 4, 2020.
A poll worker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, counts ballots on a tabulation machine on Nov. 4, 2020. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

An employee from Dominion Voting Systems, which is one of the largest voting machine providers in the U.S., has been found to have previously worked with a Chinese state-backed telecom company. Dominion’s software was used in more than 30 American states this election, including those like Arizona and Georgia where vote recounts are taking place. 

The employee, Andy Huang, currently works as the Core Infrastructure Manager of Information Technology at Dominion Voting Systems. Earlier, he worked at China Telecom for four years between 1998 and 2002. The company is wholly run by the Chinese government.

During his tenure with China Telecom, Huang was tasked with several projects including “Xiamen Metropolitan-are broadband network,” “Xiamen IDC Project,” and “OA Intranet infrastructure reformation project.” The exact role Huang played in these projects is not known. Huang has also worked with Cisco, a company that contributed significantly to the establishment of the Great Chinese Firewall.

The U.S. Department of Defense has identified China Telecom as having collaborated with the Chinese military for over 20 years. It has been flagged for being vulnerable to influence, exploitation, and control by Beijing. In addition, the operations of China Telecom is said to have provided Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state actors the opportunity to engage in cyber espionage as well as misrouting and disrupting U.S. communications.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and several other federal agencies had called for a complete ban on China Telecom in April due to national security concerns. Ever since his history with China Telecom became public knowledge, Huang has deleted both China Telecom and Dominion as employers from his LinkedIn profile.

Dominion under scrutiny

It is not just Huang’s employment history that has put Dominion under the scrutiny of possible election fraud. One of the attorneys who worked in the Trump campaign, Sidney Powell, recently filed two lawsuits that alleged “massive election fraud” in the states of Michigan and Georgia. Though Dominion is not the defendant in the lawsuits, the company’s products were mentioned.

“We have evidence now of information from the systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election, those countries themselves could have watched the live votes come in and changed the numbers… There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the Earth with our election,” Powell said in an interview with Fox Business.

Dominion’s track record of employee donations is also putting a question mark against its impartiality. Ninety-six employees of the company have been identified to have made political donations, of which 96 percent were sent to Democratic candidates. These are employees who work as implementation managers, software production specialists, network engineers, and so on, at the company. In addition, Dominion apparently has a team of lobbyists that include an Obama-era vote protection director and Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff.

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