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Patrick Byrne: ‘The Hand of China’ Behind the 2020 Presidential Election

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: January 8, 2021
Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO
Patrick Byrne on Dec. 15, 2020. (Image: Samira Baoaou / The Epoch Times)

Entrepreneur Patrick Byrne, former CEO of, told crowds at a rally calling for election integrity on Jan. 5 that he sees “the hand of China” behind the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Byrne is no stranger to China, having a certificate from Beijing Normal University and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies from Dartmouth College. He told the crowds that although he has “always loved China” and “always felt like China was an old friend,” he also recognizes “what it is we’re seeing here.”

The billionaire turned investigative journalist expressed his own process of becoming disenfranchised with the Chinese regime: “I felt kind of betrayed, I was part of a generation of Americans who went to China hoping to help it. We all grew up with this sense that, as an American, there was something special between us and China and we wanted to build a new world together.”

“Political scientists can tell you, to steal the United States you don’t need to cheat in elections everywhere. You need six counties where you cheat the heck out of those counties. And you can flip the six states that they are in and thereby flip the Electoral College and steal the country.” – Patrick Byrne

In the mid 2000s, Byrne fought against a stock market practice called “naked shorting,” a practice where a trader will profit from a crash in the stock price of a company without having to own or borrow shares in the company, as is normally required with short selling. The SEC banned what it calls “abusive naked short selling” in 2008. Byrne has implemented his investigative abilities to examine claims of election irregularities and fraud in the General Election.  

On New Year’s Day, He posted on Twitter that one of his operatives had discovered a cache of blank, unused absentee ballots for Georgia’s Fulton County. His post included photos of several thousand ballots still shrink wrapped.

The ballots appear to be for Precinct 08L, the same Precinct that barcode patent tycoon Jovan Hutton Pulitzer analyzed in his testimony on kinematic artifacts to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on Elections on Dec. 30. The ballots for the Democratic Precinct appear to have the exact same magnetic ink characteristics and lack of barcode as Pulitzer demonstrated in his testimony, meaning these ballots could be easily filled out and fed through a Dominion Voting Systems scanner without triggering adjudication.

According to Byrne, shredding teams descended on the scene after the cache was discovered: “The video of the enterprise van is too big for me to upload right here. But trust me, there is a video of enterprise moving vans pulling up at 10 o’clock at night, after the Senate subcommittee voted to investigate the stuff, and they got loaded up,” he said.

Byrne further alleged: “Law enforcement got involved and it all ended up dumped out in a police station and they found 30,000 pounds of shredded ballots. But something stuck to the side of the van, a receipt from a Chinese company that shipped the ballots to the United States.”

The theory to support election fraud or irregularities with this cache is simple: Once an absentee ballot is separated from its external envelope(s), it can no longer be traced back to a registered voter. So here we have thousands, or 30,000 pounds to be more precise, of untraceable votes, allegedly shipped from China, that were intended for use in Georgia’s Fulton County. 

During the canvassing process, election workers are, through Dominion’s systems, to compare the number of mail-in ballots and in-person ballots to the poll books composed of registered voters. The concern with this process lies with irregularities and whether state and federal law was followed in both the formation of poll books and how the elections were conducted. Many anomalies were uncovered during testimony, often accompanied by sworn affidavits, presenting eye witness accounts, data analysis, and independent investigation given to the sub-committees. 

Although the evidence presented to the Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona Sub-Committees was highly compelling, and often shocking, in the more than eight weeks since the Presidential Election, no Court has been willing to hear the evidence and no State legislature has been able to assemble to debate. 

The certification of the Electoral College votes in the battleground states has almost universally been pushed through unchallenged by the Governors and Secretaries of State who jointly sign off on the Certificates. These top leaders, in conjunction with the influence of big media, have uniformly declared claims of irregularities or fraud in the election to be misinformed, unfounded, or simply non-existent despite enormous evidence leading to reasonable doubt. 

On Dec. 28, Byrne said in an interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi that the ambiguity in the election process and the blind certification of election results is simply part of the CCP’s way of waging war: “The greatest way to fight a war, in the Chinese way of thinking, is not to have to fight at all. That’s what they’ve done here.”

“Though we spend a trillion dollars a year between our military and our intelligence, national security circles … that trillion dollars we have and we’ve built, you know, things that can stop all their planes and their missiles and all kinds of things. But we missed the one they use, which is not a fight at all, not firing a bullet or missile at all, but taking us out from within. And that’s what’s going on.”

In Byrne’s view, what America is facing is a “slow coup” in the form of revolution. He also points out that to cheat an election with America’s system: “Political scientists can tell you, to steal the United States you don’t need to cheat in elections everywhere. You need six counties where you cheat the heck out of those counties. And you can flip the six states that they are in and thereby flip the Electoral College and steal the country.”

Byrne feels that the achilles heel of the United States is corruption: “What the Chinese did is they studied us, and they saw that corruption is our weakest point. And they infiltrated us, and they corrupted exactly [the] institutions that they needed to corrupt in order to allow what’s going on now to happen.”

He also had a grave warning for Americans if they allow the Party to take control: “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China.” 

“So we cannot bend a knee to this under any circumstance.”

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