Rapper Pitbull Says Communism is Dangerous, Appreciate Freedom

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Grammy Award-winning rapper Pitbull has a warning for America: steer clear of communism. In an interview with Revolt TV, he discussed the dangers that the ideology poses to the United States.

Grammy Award-winning rapper whose stage name is “Pitbull,” is also known as Mr. 305; Mr. Worldwide. He has a message for America: steer clear of communism. The stylish rapper talked with Revolt TV about the dangers that the ideology poses to the United States. 

“My family comes from communism. They fled communism. They had everything taken away from them. Everybody got murdered. Everybody got killed… That’s the reason me, being a first-generation Cuban American, I look at freedom and I appreciate that… I appreciate the opportunity. That comes from the fact that Castro took over everything,” he said in the interview.

Pitbull’s grandmother fought in the Cuban Revolution on Castro’s side. She believed that Batista was corrupt, which he was. However, when Castro seized power, she realized that she had made a grave mistake and supported an even worse regime. 

In the early ’60s, there were rumors that Castro was going to indoctrinate kids with communist ideology

Pitbull’s grandmother decided that she had to let her children escape the country. She put her two daughters in Operation Peter Pan, a covert US program that transferred 16,000 Cuban children to America.

Pitbull’s grandmother fought for Castro, however, when Castro seized power, she realized that she had made a grave mistake. Image: pixabay /CCo.1.0

Pitbull’s mother and aunt arrived in Florida. Eventually, he was born Armando Christian Perez in a free nation. The rapper feels that big tech censorship is like communism as it expels people who say something contradictory to an established narrative. 

He said, “I was born in the United States—first-generation Cuban American. My family would always tell me the opportunity I had, to be part of a country that gives you freedom, gives you the opportunity to control your own destiny, and, more than anything, allows you to be whatever you want to be.” 

He thinks that Castro would have been jealous of the widespread coronavirus lockdowns given how easily governments could get their citizens to comply with such restrictions.

Last September, Attorney General William Barr had termed lockdowns:

The “greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history” other than slavery.

In 2011, Pitbull declared that he won’t ever play a concert in Cuba as long as communists are in charge. He says Cuba is the biggest prison in the world and says that its citizens are afraid to speak the truth in their country. He also criticized people wearing the T-shirts of Castro. He says it’s terribly offensive and compares it to wearing a T-shirt of Hitler.

Last year, Pitbull had kicked up a storm among Miami’s Cuban exile community after he extended support to a Cuban reggaeton band, Gente de Zona, and he believes that “music is music, politics is politics.” However, Gente de Zona is known to support the communist Cuban regime. After many Cuban exiles criticized Pitbull’s comment, the rapper apologized, saying that he was unaware of the ties between Gente de Zona and Cuba’s communist regime.

Marxism is an early stage of communism, which uses soft power or cultural subversion to shape society. Image: pixabay/CC0.1.0

Pitbull’s dire warnings about communism are also aligned with what the Trump administration had stressed many times. Trump’s administration warned that the real enemy is the Chinese Communist Party and that it is the main power behind pushing the atheist ideology into America.

Last August, the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech at the Czech Senate that the communist regime in China poses a greater threat than the Soviet Union during its reign.

He said in the speech:

“What’s happening now isn’t Cold War 2.0. The challenge of resisting the [Chinese Communist Party] threat is in some ways worse… The CCP is already enmeshed in our economies, in our politics, in our societies in ways the Soviet Union never was,” he said in the speech.

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