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Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Pointing Out Impossibility of Male Pregnancy

Big Tech member Twitter recently suspended the account of a Spanish Member of Parliament after he pointed out the biological fallacy of male pregnancy.

MP Jose Contreras was suspended from the platform for 12 hours for saying “man cannot get pregnant” because they have “no uterus or eggs” in response to an article about a transgender person who gave birth to a female child. 

On May 11, Contreras wrote a Facebook post informing his followers that Twitter had blocked his account for allegedly spreading hate speech. 

“The hateful tweet (which I was forced to delete) was one that said: ‘A man cannot get pregnant. A man has no womb or eggs.’ You can see this is already fascist biology. Next time I’ll try 2 + 2 = 4,” he reiterated.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Contreras stated that his supporters have created the hashtag #AManCannotBePregnant following his suspension.

“We will not yield to Twitter imposing a twisted (and anthropologically wrong) worldview. We will continue to speak the truth about human nature. Biological truth should not be regarded as ‘hate speech’. It’s biology, not bigotry,” Contreras said to the media outlet.

Earlier, Twitter had taken action against Contreras’ party, Vox. According to a report by Contando Estrelas, Twitter blocked Vox’s account in January just prior to the Catalan elections in Spain after it published data showing that crime rate among illegal immigrant minors who have come from Maghreb in Northwest Africa was on the higher side.

The data was taken from official police sources and the message had ended with the hashtag #StopIslamization. Twitter claimed the post came off as “threatening, harassing, or encouraging violence.” 

Contando Estrelas reported in February that Twitter was engaging in double standards by tolerating posts that “incite to attack and even kill” Vox members. Following Vox’s ban in January, leader of the party, Santiago Abascal, criticized the social media platform in an interview with El Diario.

“[Twitter] usurps the functions of democratic states, limiting fundamental rights…They are attacking Liberty and democracy by censoring the public representatives of millions of Spaniards…Today Twitter plays the game of the violent and the manipulators. While some literally stone us, others demonize us, others manipulate, and Twitter silences us so that we have no defense,” he said to the media outlet.

Ivan Espinosa, a Vox MP, had revealed to Breitbart last year that Big Tech censorship in Spain was on a “much larger scale” than what was happening in the United States. A member of the party had received warnings for posting personal pictures on Instagram, a platform owned by Facebook.

A double standard

In January, Twitter banned former President Donald Trump from its platform following the Jan. 6 events. In May, the platform also banned an account that mirrored Trump’s personal website From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.

Despite suspensions against the Spanish Vox party and Trump for allegedly promoting violent content, Twitter continues to allow Jihadist elements to run propaganda on their platform. 

Ismail Haniyeh, Chairman of Hamas Political Bureau, posted a tweet glorifying the death of a 11-year-old Palestinian child as martyrdom. In one deleted tweet, Haniyeh celebrated the bombing of Tel Aviv saying that ‘God is great and glory is to God alone.” In another deleted tweet, he says that “we will stop our short-range missile and use long-range missiles” to attack Israel. Haniyeh’s account is still active.

In a May 7 tweet, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, encouraged the fight against Israel, calling the country a “terrorist camp.” Khamenei’s account is still active.

In an interview with a New York City AM radio station, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pushed for the removal of Section 230 protection for social media platforms, saying that Facebook and Twitter are not “bigger than the constitution.”

“They think they can control what is being said. If that is the case, they should not be protected from lawsuits by Section 230 that gives them immunity. If they want to pick and choose what can be said on a platform and who can be on the platform itself –taking off the former President of the United States — Section 230 should be removed,” McCarthy said in the interview.

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