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‘This Is the Time For People to Speak Up’ Says Florida Surgeon General on Mandatory Vaccination

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: November 14, 2021
A curfew mandate sign in Palm Springs. Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo warned the public that now is the time to speak out against the erosion of freedom and liberties masquerading as public health measures.
A sign in Miami Beach announces mandatory curfew enacted under the pretext of protecting the public from COVID, on July 20, 2020 in Miami Beach. Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, strongly urged the public to begin to speak up against mandatory vaccination, mask mandates, and other measures claiming to protect public health in a Nov. 12 interview with Breitbart News. (Image: Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

Florida’s Surgeon General issued a dire warning to the public in a Nov. 12 interview with Breitbart News that the escalation of public health measures in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, including coerced vaccination policies, is attributable to the public’s failure to speak out and reject government and corporate overreach. 

“I mean, I think that unfortunately, part of the reason we’ve gotten to a place now where people who once said on the record that you couldn’t force people to take vaccine for COVID-19 are now saying the opposite thing—that in fact not only can you, you should force people to take this vaccine—I think that…part of the reason that has happened is because enough people have not been outspoken about their rights,” said the state’s top public health boss Joseph Ladapo. 

“So I think that these medical decisions are for people to make. I think that goes from everything from masks mandates to now these vaccinate mandates and vaccine passports.”

Earlier in the month, the Biden administration made good on its promise to utilize OSHA to force all private companies with rosters greater than 100 people to implement a “mandatory vaccination policy,” complete with a data collection regimine of employee vaccination status. 

Companies may opt out, so long as they subject their unvaccinated staff to segregated, mandatory masking and weekly PCR testing. The mandate is set to come into force on Jan. 4, pending the results of constitutional legal challenges filed and upheld last week by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Ladapo cautioned “people who don’t agree” with the trend of public health-shrouded erosion of freedoms that “if they don’t speak up, we can expect more of the same and worse.”

The Surgeon General was blunt with his words, pulling the rose-coloured veil off of COVID-19 mandates and measures, “It’s not about the improvement of health…It promotes division, and what’s worse is that it basically demonstrates no respect for human rights and human autonomy and the right for people to make health decisions, which they really do have.”

Ladapo said the establishment narrative has convinced a great deal of the public that “they don’t have permission to make decisions about their health,” adding, “And instead, they just have to agree and go along with whatever they are saying—whatever these health officials are saying—and it’s just terrible.”

“I think anyone who cares about civil liberties would have to be alarmed at the fact that they are determined to impose these one-size-fits-all health decisions on everyone.”

Florida’s top doctor characterised the trend as “an affront to human rights and “scientifically just ridiculous.”

The Surgeon General’s warning was perhaps encapsulated in an example demonstrated on Halloween night at Shanghai Disneyworld in mainland China. After a lone woman, who visited the park the day prior, was flagged as a contact trace to an existing positive PCR test, Chinese Communist Party authorities enacted a snap lock down of all 34,000 attendees until nucleic acid testing could be completed and the Party’s cell phone-based health status and vaccine passports could be updated. 

The woman in question was notified while riding the train, arrested, and sent to a government quarantine camp. 

Taking aim at the new trend of vaccinating 5 to 11 year olds, Ladapo said, “The difference, for example, in mortality between children and older people from COVID is literally 1,000-fold. There’s literally—the risk is 1,000 times higher.”

“It’s just not sensible,” he said, adding that “it’s really disrespectful and harmful to human rights and human dignity.”