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New York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Appoints Key Players to ‘Efficiency’ Positions

Published: December 22, 2021
New York, NY, Dec. 21, Mayor-elect Eric Adams announces the appointment of Mathew Fraser as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Melanie LaRocca as Chief Efficiency Officer (CEO) for the City of New York fulfilling a campaign promise to create the positions as a way to ensure City agencies are operating more efficiently and effectively. (Image: Vision Times)

On Dec. 21, New York Mayor-elect, Eric Adams, announced the appointment of two new roles in his administration fulfilling a campaign promise that seeks to drive efficient and effective operations at the City level.

Mathew Fraser has been appointed the City’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Melanie LaRocca has been appointed to the new role of Chief Efficiency Officer (CEO), according to a press release issued Tuesday.

Fraser is said to be responsible to “oversee the Administration’s key technology policies and initiatives, including the Mayor-elect’s proposal to build a MyCity platform, an online portal that allows New Yorkers to access all City services and benefits.” 

According to Adam’s campaign website, he campaigned on the idea of implementing “a single data platform for the entire City government.” Previously, Adam’s had expressed a critical view of the City’s operations stating that each department worked in “silo[es]” operating “separately from one another without sharing data or metrics, often duplicating efforts and resulting in waste.” 

The MyCity initiative aims to “allow users to type just one number into a secure app or website to instantly receive every service and benefit they qualify for — such as SNAP — without an abundance of paperwork,” Adam’s campaign website states. 

First-ever Chief Efficiency Officer

According to the press release, Melanie LaRocca, as the first-ever Chief Efficiency Officer will “oversee the Program to Eliminate the Gap, find bloat in City agencies and make suggestions on how to reduce it, and evaluate large City contracts to find cost savings.”

The appointment is a step forward in fulfilling his campaign promise that seeks to ensure “City agencies are operating more efficiently and effectively.”

“We know that governmental inefficiencies lead to inequities throughout our city – and unfortunately, inefficiency plagues our City agencies right now. Making government more responsive and streamlined will be one of my top priorities as Mayor,” the Mayor-elect said.

In response to her appointment Commissioner LaRocca said, “I’m truly honored to join Mayor Adam’s administration and carry out our shared vision of a more efficient, effective, and equal city. New Yorkers have the tools, the ability and the will to improve the lives of neighbors, while maintaining New York City’s unquestioned place as the greatest city in the world.  I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work on day one.”

LaRocca currently serves the City of New York as a Commissioner of the Department of Buildings. According to the press release, in her time as commissioner she has “worked to modernize the agency, improve response times, and ensure safety on construction projects across the city.”

Adams, 61, after garnering 67 percent of the popular vote in New York’s most recent election will be sworn in as Mayor on Jan. 1, 2022.