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‘They are Scared of Me’: Mike Zumbluskas Wants to Bring ‘Common Sense’ Back to Congress

Published: July 18, 2022
12th Congressional District candidate, Mike Zumbluskas (far left), participates in a discussion at the Whitestone Republican Club on July 13. Zumbluskas is a candidate running in the Republican primary which is scheduled for Aug. 23.(Image: Mandy/Vision Times)

On July 13, speaking at the Whitestone Republican Club, Michael Zumbluskas, who is running to represent the 12th Congressional District in Manhattan in the Republican primary scheduled for August 23, said Democrats are “scared of me” adding that their fear is because “they know that I can reach people.”

Speakers at the meeting included other candidates, Joe Pinion, Stefano Forte, Cara Castronuova, comptroller Paul Rodriguez and Sharon Liao.

“The Democrats have overstepped their bounds and they know it. Put it this way, I have raised very little money and yet they’re tearing down my signs every day. They’re scared of me. They are scared of me because they know that I can reach people,” Zumbluskas told the packed room. 

Zumbluskas, who currently serves as the Republican district leader in the 76th Assembly District in New York City, is a proud veteran, whose education spans 10 different schools from Okinawa, Japan to Aviano Italy. In 1983 he graduated from the University of Scranton with a B.A. in history. 

According to his campaign website, Zumbluskas says his military upbringing allowed him to develop humility and empathy for “those coming from difficult circumstances and poverty.” 

Zumbluskas’s career spans numerous fields including customer service and finance and he currently works as a resource management analyst for the NYC Dept. of Transportation. 

He began participating in politics in 1992 as a volunteer coordinator on H Ross Perot’s presidential campaign and served on the state board of “United We Stand America.”

Speaking to the room Zumbluskas said, “I thought our country was going in the wrong direction then and it’s even worse now. We have to elect people who are going to defend our constitution, which is under attack. Common sense is under attack. And we can do it.”

In 1999, following a run for the Independence Party of New York (IPNY), the New York Times named him as one of the “more serious strategists.”

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Host, John Tabacco introduced Zumbluskas at the meeting saying, “He’s a wizard and any time in my life that I’ve run for a race, or someone’s run for a race that said, ‘Can you get me some help? Can you get me some advice?’ there’s never been someone I turn to more than Mike Zumbluskas.”

Zumbluskas confidently said, “we can win this year” adding that he expects to be supported by many Democrats. 

”I already have a democratic district leader who has officially endorsed me,” he said adding that, “And when I get to Congress I want to coalesce all the veterans into its own caucus to bring some common sense back to Congress.”

At the meeting Zumbluskas lamented the difficulty the state of New York is having passing the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America bill saying that the bill is stalled because “they want to put everything else and the kitchen sink into it,” adding that, “It should be a clean bill and we need Democrats and Republicans to understand that and do it.”

The CHIPS bill, if passed, will provide somewhere between $52 billion and $54 billion in assistance to the domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry and a tax credit for semiconductor manufacturers.

According to his campaign website, Zumbluskas says his priority “is to bring sanity and practicality to government in this time of crisis.”