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Cara Castronuova Wants to ‘Knock Out’ One-party Rule as Rep for New York’s District 22

Published: September 2, 2022
Cara Castronuova, Republican candidate to represent District 22 in New York’s State Assembly wants to ‘knock out’ one party rule in New York state; directing her fighting spirit from the boxing ring to focus on bringing about change in the Empire State. (Image: Courtesy of Cara Castronuova)

Cara Castronuova doesn’t shy away from a fight and as such is running in this November’s State Assembly elections to represent New Yorkers in District 22. 

Castronuova is a celebrity fitness trainer, athlete, media personality and activist who was featured as a head trainer on NBC’s hit television show “The Biggest Loser” where, according to her website, she “helped propel the show to its highest ratings ever.”

Currently, she works as an investigative journalist writing for the Gateway Pundit and describes herself as a “fearless activist” who tirelessly fights for personal liberty, and medical freedom. She is a staunch supporter of the “political prisoners” associated with Jan. 6 and is an advocate for at-risk youth in lower income communities. 

A two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, Castronuova turned her sights on her community after retiring from her boxing career. “Upon retirement from boxing, I redirected my inner fight instinct to fight for the underdog and people who have had their voices taken away,” her campaign website reads. 

“Before deciding to run for office, I spent years as a relentless activist for victims of political persecution, prisoners of January 6th still in solitary confinement, victims of Lockdown mandates, the vaccine injured and simply those who want the choice of whether or not to wear a face mask,” she says.

She was active in her community well before deciding to run for office; running programs aimed at at-risk youth where she taught the younger generation the mental and physical virtues of boxing, like courage, fortitude, perseverance and hard work. 

Castronuova founded the Knockout Obesity Foundation, a 501c3 that is dedicated to teaching children about health and a fighter’s mindset.

A daughter of a decorated U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, she is currently founding a new non-profit organization aimed at supporting veterans and others who served their country. 

A staunch supporter of Jan. 6th prisoners

Castronuova is a staunch supporter of American prisoners currently languishing in solitary confinement due to their involvement in the January 6 incident.

Jon Mellis, who was arrested by the FBI in Feb. of 2021 for his involvement in the January 6th incident, calls Castronuova his “hero.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, Mellis said, “I was in a dark and disgusting cell on solitary confinement in the DC Gulag for no reason at all other than the fact I am a Jan 6er. I felt forgotten and alone. I was in the deepest and loneliest hole emotionally that I had ever been in.”

He said that once Castronuova got involved “Overnight the American people responded with almost 100k in donations,” so that he could secure a quality lawyer.

“Because of her, America has not forgotten me. God bless Cara. She is my hero,” he said.  

Nate DeGrave, another January 6th prisoner, told the Gateway Pundit, “I remember one moment when I was sitting in solitary confinement feeling depressed. I didn’t have anyone or anything. But I knew that if I called Cara, she would answer. And she did.”

DeGrave said Castronuova helped him fundraise for his legal defense and “really helped contribute to my ability to achieve freedom.” He is now free prior to his trial and said that “I would still be in there without her help.”

“She is one in a million,” he said, adding that she is “Someone who actually cares about America and its citizens and assuring fair and equal rights to all.”

The 2022 New York State Assembly election will be held on Nov. 8 this year which will elect representatives for all 150 districts across the state.