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2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival Held in Flushing, New York

Published: December 7, 2022
Members of New York’s Asian community gather at the Skyview in Flushing, New York to open the 2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival which showcased delicious Taiwanese pastries such as egg yolk, pineapple, sun, lasagna and square puffs. (Image: Vision Times)

On Dec. 2, the 2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival officially opened at The Shops at Skyview in Flushing, New York. The festival was held from Dec. 2 until Dec. 4.

The festival was organized via a partnership between the Bureau of International Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan and the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China, with the assistance of Well Luck Co., Inc, which represents many Taiwanese food brands in the eastern United States. 

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Ding Wei, Director of the Investment and Trade Service Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the U.S., Mr. Tsai Hsiu-Chin, Director of the New York Office of the Republic of China External Trade Development Council (ROCETD), the New York Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and the Youth Business Association. The person in charge of Skyfood Changfa Supermarket, and the product manager of the national e-commerce company Weee! were also in attendance.

Mr. Ding said that Taiwanese food products are internationally renowned, and that the region’s bakery products are favored by tourists from all over the world. However, they have been widely unavailable due to the pandemic.  


The festival showcased the Chen Yun Baoquan series of confections, a fusion of Japanese wagashi and Chinese bakery techniques and the Taget Thousand Layer Cake, a fusion of French and Japanese flavors with local elements from Taiwan.

Members of New York’s Asian community gather at The Shops at Skyview for the 2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival in Flushing, New York. (Image: Vision Times)

Also in the spotlight was the Chuang’s Square Pie, an innovation of traditional yakisoba and puff pastry.

These classic delicacies embody the spirit of Taiwan’s traditional heritage, harmony and tolerance, and constant innovation in pastry. The cakes and pastries of Chen Yun Baoquan, Target, and Chuang’s are available in major Asian supermarkets and e-commerce stores.

The event also carried a theme of traditional Chinese culture, in which cakes are exchanged and tasted during life rituals, joyous moments, and festive reunions.

In addition to the Pastry Festival, from August to December this year a series of large-scale promotions and shopping mall flash events will be held in 13 countries around the world to help Taiwan’s food industry enter overseas markets. 

The 2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival is just one of several events planned for this and next year. Next year the chain franchise, Taiwan Pavilion, will hold an event at the Javits Center in New York in early June where the best of tea culture will be on display and the Taipei Food and Beverage Association, the largest in Asia, will hold an event in Taipei in June as well.