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Chinese Interest in Private Health Insurance Spikes as Pandemic Smolders

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: January 27, 2023
Chinese interest in private health insurance is up 50% as the pandemic smolders
A man rests as he cares for a relative in the hallway of a busy emergency room at a hospital on Jan. 14, 2023 in Shanghai, China. A recent survey showed that the number of mainland Chinese planning to purchase private health insurance spiked by 50 percent as the smoldering Wuhan Pneumonia epidemic overruns the CCP’s socialized health care system. (Image: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Interest in acquiring private health insurance by residents of mainland China has spiked as the Wuhan Pneumonia epidemic has accelerated in severity, survey data shows.

Last December, 47 percent of Chinese citizens in their late 20s and above said they intended to increase spending on private health insurance, according to a survey by consulting firm Oliver Wyman, CNBC reported on Jan. 26.

The spike comes shortly after Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were forced to relax their extreme “zero-COVID” lockdown, concentration camp, and contact tracing QR code passport system following unprecedented protests in November that saw Chinese openly rise up and call for the removal of the CCP in multiple cities.

The figure amounted to a nearly 50 percent increase compared to the 32 percent of respondents who answered the question in the affirmative in October, CNBC noted.


Moreover, the Oliver Wyman survey “found that 62% of non-policyholders planned to buy health insurance, and that 44% of existing policyholders were considering an increase in their coverage.”

CNBC explained that under normal circumstances, the overwhelming majority of mainland Chinese rely on the CCP’s socialized health insurance, based on data from S&P Global Ratings, which showed that a mere 0.8 percent own either personal or commercial health insurance.

Chinese citizens pay, on average, 35.2 percent of their income towards the Party’s social healthcare system, compared to Americans who pay an average of 11.3 percent of their income towards private health care insurance, CNBC stated based on World Bank data.


Over the last three years of the pandemic, the CCP has worked nonstop to keep its social credit system-based pandemic measures at the forefront of daily living in Chinese society, and has always claimed its methods have been miraculously successful. 

For example, as of Nov. 1, 2022, the Party officially reported an overall COVID-19 death count of under 5,549 people and 1.04 million positive cases among its 1.4 billion-strong population.

CNBC’s article noted that the Party added 80,000 ICU beds to a cost-conscious, government-funded, public health system, a figure that appears to be completely unnecessary based on the Communist Party’s alleged fatality rate.

The regime’s numbers are more than just a hard pill to swallow when contrasted against data from the United States and its 332 million residents, who suffered 97.56 million cases and 1.07 million deaths over the same timeframe.

The communist regime’s abolishment of pandemic measures forced the Party to admit a more realistic — albeit still whitewashed — view of the disaster razing China.

Between Dec. 8 and Jan. 12, the Party claimed that 60,000 “mostly…senior citizens” had died from COVID-19, while CNBC’s own calculations estimated that 74,000 people had died as of Jan. 23.

Solemn reflections

And yet, as scary as the figures are, they reflect only a fraction of the real carnage levied against the Chinese nation.

Reporting conducted by Dajiyuan, the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times, found evidence of demand for China’s crematoriums and burial services that far exceeded the marginal and temporary spike in fatalities claimed by the CCP.

The outlet stated that a “review of 10 provinces and major cities” was conducted for their Jan. 24 piece, finding “that more than 30 funeral homes published tenders for cremation ovens, ash urns, vans to transport bodies, and refrigerators over the past three weeks alone.”

In a second Jan. 23 article, locals in a small town of only 20,000 people in southern China reported that as much as 1.5 percent of the population had died as it registered 300 deaths in only 4 days.

A somber warning

On Jan. 15, Master Li Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Dafa (法輪大法) spiritual practice — the CCP’s #1 target of persecution since now-deceased former Party Chairman Jiang Zemin launched a campaign against its 100 million practitioners on July 20, 1999 — told humanity the true situation of China’s pandemic catastrophe.

Vision Times reported that the Master has said that 400 million people in China have lost their lives to the disease, and that the figure will reach 500 million before the current wave comes to a close.

Additionally, Mr. Li stated that during the 2003 SARS pandemic, 200 million people ultimately died, a statistic which was the true reason the Party was forced to relax its one-child policy to allow three children per couple.

A scripture authored by Master Li in March 2020 shortly after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic’s worldwide spread explained, “Plagues and pestilence, by their very nature, are arranged by the Gods, and in the course of history, they are an inevitability.”

“But a pandemic like the current ‘CCP Virus’ (Wuhan Pneumonia) has come with a purpose and with a target. It has come to eliminate the followers of the evil Party and those who go along with the evil CCP,” Master Li stated.

As a means of avoiding Wuhan pneumonia, he said, “So, what can be done? Stay far away from the evil CCP and don’t align with the evil Party because what lies behind it is the red demon.”

He added, “Its behavior and actions are thuggish, and it stops at no evil. The Gods are starting to eradicate it, and all who align with it will be eliminated. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see.”

A path forward

In a lengthy Jan. 20 article published by Master Li titled How Humankind Came To Be, the teacher told humanity, “…the purpose of people’s lives on this earth isn’t to accomplish something in the world.”

“All of the intense efforts and attempts people make in life, and their drive to get what they want, which can even involve resorting to unscrupulous means, only make people immoral in the end,” he said.

He continued, “The reason people came to this world and became human was to atone for their sins and karma, and to make significant spiritual progress. People came to this world to gain salvation. They came and assumed human form to await the Creator and his salvation back to their heavenly kingdom.”

The Master also stated, “Heaven, Earth, the Divine, and the Creator alike are compassionate toward all lives. Heaven and Earth, just as with man, were made by the Creator, and it is never the case that He plays favorites with some lives and shortchanges others.” 

“The reason some people lead happy lives and others do not all comes down to rewards and retributions for past deeds,” Li reminded readers.

Master Li concluded his article, “But speaking on a fundamental level, getting what you want is not the ultimate goal of accumulating blessings and virtue. The real purpose of building those up is to pave the way for you back to heaven. And that is what’s most crucial, not the brief round of happiness that they can bring you in this lifetime!”