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‘The CCP Regime Will Fall Like the Tyrannical Dynasties of Old’: Chinese Quit the Communist Party

Published: November 19, 2023
A car with a placard promoting the Tuidang movement to quit the Communist Party is seen in Flushing, New York, on Nov. 19, 2023. (Image: Dajiyuan)

The Tuidang movement, started in November 2004, encourages Chinese around the world to renounce their oaths made to lay down their lives for communism when they joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its affiliated youth organizations. Over the past two decades, hundreds of millions of people have given their assumed or real names to voice their separation from the CCP, the single most deadly regime in human history. Here, Vision Times presents some recent statements from those who have quit the Party, translated from the Chinese.

I quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations (Nov. 8, 2023)

I, Pang Yongxin, was born in China and am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in New York. Out of ignorance, when I was in China I joined the Chinese [Communist Party’s] Young Pioneers in elementary school, the Communist Youth League in high school, and, in a moment of youthful enthusiasm in college, became a formal member of the CCP.

Upon graduating from college, I came to the United States for further studies. During my time here, I gradually embraced universal values, including the ideals of freedom and democracy. Simultaneously, I came to understand the evils and absurdities of the CCP. Upon reevaluating the Party constitution and its various actions in power, I no longer believe in communism. I hereby formally declare that I oppose the CCP and its constitution. I permanently withdraw from the spiritual possession by the CCP and all its affiliated organizations, as I stand against the sinister forces of the CCP. Finally, I express gratitude to Falun Dafa for saving sentient beings and allowing me to become a true citizen of the free world.

— Pang Yongxin (庞永新), New York

Quitting the Party, League, and Pioneers (Nov. 10, 2023)

This is a world filled with violence and tyranny, the people lead a miserable existence in which [the regime] thinks nothing of whether they live or die; the judicial institutions are severely corrupt. I am completely disillusioned by this country.

— Lan Jie (蓝杰), Shanghai


I withdraw from the CCP and other organizations I was forced to join (Nov. 12, 2023)

After the death of Premier Li Keqiang, I realize that there is no one at all who can save the political zombie that is the CCP. Let it perish!

I declare that the Party application I was coerced to fill out is invalid, and I officially withdraw from the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers organization.

— Xia Ying (夏影)


A resident of Henan quits the Young Pioneers (Nov. 12, 2023)

I come from Henan, the province with the greatest academic pressure in the country. Here, students don’t need human rights and dignity. Apart from studying, doing anything else, even spending an extra three minutes eating, is considered a waste of time. I am currently in the third year of high school, waking up at 5 a.m. and sleeping at midnight every day, with a large amount of homework even on weekends, effectively eliminating any leisure time. Moreover, the teachers are extremely unreasonable. If your grades drop slightly or you make a few more mistakes in your homework, you will be scolded loudly by the teachers. What’s worse is that our teachers like to practice collective punishment, often penalizing the entire class with tasks like copying texts or additional homework because of the poor performance of a few individuals.

My mental health has been affected in this high-pressure environment, and many nights I find myself quietly crying under the covers. Although the school claims to have “psychological counseling teachers,” I have not seen them in my three years of high school. Teachers often tell us, “If you get into a good university, your future will be good,” but even if you get into Tsinghua or Peking University, so what? Many graduates from even these top universities are now worried about finding jobs! Even if you find a job, you’ll still be working a 996 [9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week] schedule, enduring low wages, high living costs, and zero benefits. You’ll be working harder than a cow, sleeping less than a dog, and living worse than a pig! What hope do I have in this terrifying place?

Being born in the CCP’s China is my misfortune, and being born in Henan Province is even more unfortunate! Fortunately, I have learned about the Tuidang movement! I joined the Young Pioneers in elementary school without being asked or informed, completely forced to join. I want to withdraw from [the Party] and erase its evil mark! Although I can’t change much for now, quitting the evil organization and erasing its mark is the first step toward victory!

— Zhang Li (张莉), Henan Province

A police officer quits the Communist Party (Nov. 13, 2023)

When I was in mainland China, I spent seven years working in the public security system. Later, I chose to leave the force after witnessing the Chinese Communist Party’s deceitful and oppressive nature. I now declare my withdrawal from the Party, completely severing ties with the evil communist specter.

Ping’an (平安)


‘The CCP regime will fall like the tyrannical dynasties of old’ (Nov. 14, 2023)

I study history. The Communist Party has corrupted the hearts of the Chinese people and ruined the morality of Chinese society. In history, China was a moral society centered around poetry, books, rites, and music, deeply influenced by Confucian culture. From emperors and ministers to the common people, there was reverence for heaven and belief in Buddha. Many tyrants and incompetent rulers in history did not meet a good end; either they were overthrown by peasant uprisings or succumbed to palace coups or divine retribution through illness. Throughout China’s history, there have been numerous dynastic changes, and the Communist Party regime will be overthrown like the despotic dynasties of ancient times. In the future, Chinese society will undoubtedly witness the emergence of true emperors like Liu Bang, Zhao Kuangyin, and Zhu Yuanzhang, who pave the way for a new dynasty.

— Ming Deng ( 明灯), China

Statement quitting the Youth League and Young Pioneers (Nov. 16, 2023)

I saw a video on YouTube about an overseas democracy activist protesting the CCP leader’s visit to the U.S. He was in a free and democratic country, but still ended up being insulted and beaten by the pro-CCP overseas Chinese organized by the Chinese consulate. I find it really sickening that for the sake of protecting this evil political party, the Chinese are made to curse and beat each other. I wish for Heaven to destroy the evil CCP, and quit the Party for my own safety.

— Ding Fuqing (丁天庆), Inner Mongolia region