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As Challenges Mount, China’s Xi Calls for ‘Self-Revolution’
Xi is focusing on “self-revolution” to secure political priorities in a crucial leadership reshuffle year. The “self-revolution” push also signals that Beijing is struggling to keep its head above water as China’s various crises compound. ...
‘The Great Leap Backwards’: New Report Slams the State of Journalism in China
A new report, published on Dec. 7 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) titled, “The Great Leap Backwards of Journalism in China” shines a light on the rapidly diminishing press freedoms in China and reveals “the...
In China, ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ Now Compulsory Learning for Students in Primary Schools to Graduate Programs
As part of the Chinese Communist Party’s sweeping education reforms “Xi Jinping Thought” has been incorporated into curriculums for grade school students to graduate students. The intent is to extend the indoctrination to children as...