This Whale Showed AMAZING Thanks to Its Rescuers After Being Tangled in a Net and Drowning

This footage is unbelievable. A whale watcher and conservationist, Michael Fishbach, and his family and crew found a young humpback whale floating at the surface of the water, and looked to be dead. They soon realized that it was alive but extremely tangled in a fishing net. If left, it would soon drown.

A heroic battle with one small knife and the net that was trapping this frightened and massive creature was all caught on film, and is well worth the watch. BUT, even more amazing was what the whale did when it finally got free.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole 8 minute movie, skip to 5:30 to watch the freeing, and then at 6:20, the magic begins. Share this video to help support saving the humpback whales, who are obviously sentient creatures with emotions and feelings just like us.

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