Tomato War: Revelers Splatter 10 Tons of Tomatoes in Beijing

    Over 1,000 people took part in a six-hour food fight in Beijing’s Chaoyang District on Sunday, pelting each other with around 50,000 tomatoes.

    Organizers described the battle as a mini “La Tomatina,” as there were only about one-third the number of fruits used in the Spanish event.

    In response to criticism about wasting food, they said the tomatoes were unsuitable for human consumption, because they were either too soft or rotten.

    (Screenshot/Global Times)

    Kids got their own special food fight. (Screenshot/Global Times)


    The adult battle kicks off. (Screenshot/Global Times)


    Wearing watermelon hats for protection. (Screenshot/Global Times)


    Crates provide a screen. (Screenshot/Global Times)


    Juice and pulp spreading everywhere. (Screenshot/Global Times)


    Getting a real dunking! (Screenshot/Global Times)

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