The 9 Most Useless Government Bureaus in China

Okay, so no government is perfect, but this is getting ridiculous... (Image: SecretChina)
Okay, so no government is perfect, but this is getting ridiculous... (Image: SecretChina)

If you get frustrated by the red tape of your government system, take a laugh at the jokes Chinese people have about their government bureaucracy. If you don’t live in China, you can be grateful you don’t have to put up this these crazy departments.

1. China Earthquake Administration

Established several decades ago, it has never predicted an earthquake nor promoted any programs regarding prediction, prevention, or protection from an earthquake.

2. China Statistics Department

For nearly two decades, especially in the past decade, none of the statistical data has been confirmed or recognized by society or Chinese people.

3. China Quality Monitoring Department

Even after the exposure of tainted milk products, other product exempted by the bureau also had quality issues.

4. China Department of Environmental Protection

Year after year, China’s environment has gotten worse, but the agency won the honorary title of  the best “Fine Unit.”

5. China Security Regulatory Commission

Between 2006-2010 it earned the title of “incapable of supervision.”

6. National Development and Reform Commission

It’s done two things so far: increase prices and defend its action in doing so.

7. Urban Administration Bureau

Known for smashing stalls then fining the stall owners for the damage.

8. State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television

If they actually monitored the food and the food safety agency monitored the media, everyone in China would be able to watch what they want and eat safe food at the same time.

9. China Food and Drug Administration

Thanks to them, the Chinese have eaten waste oil, chemical hot pot, melamine milk, poisonous rice, and leather milk for years.

Research by Felice and Monica.


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