Will You Help Fight to Keep the Colorado River Flowing? (Video)

This beautiful video shows how the Colorado River is the lifeline for 36 million people and over 4 million acres of farmland that feed our hungry nation.

According to Nature Conservancy: “Water demands now exceed what the river can supply, and nature is feeling the impact. Native fish and birds are in decline, and the river no longer reaches the sea.” Again.

The river no longer reaches the sea. Bad news for fish lovers.

Lucky for us, Raise the River has been working hard to bring life back to the river by releasing water from the gates at Morelos Dam on the Mexico-Arizona border.

While we leave the hard work to the experts, we can also help by making a pledge via Change the Course, and by sharing this message with your friends. Oh, and there’s also 5 more things that you can do to help.

Let’s help keep the mighty Colorado River flowing to the sea, folks. Perhaps Robert Redford’s voice in this video will convince you to do so. Cheers.


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