Would You Like Maple Leaf Fries With That? Japan’s Special New Delicacy

    A crispy, sweet fried maple leaf. (Weibo.com).Fried maple leaves for sale. (Weibo.com)Frying maple leaves. (Weibo.com)Fried maple leaves ready to eat. (Weibo.com)They can be eaten fresh or bagged. (Weibo.com)Preparing maple leaves for frying. (mop.com)

    Although red maple leaves create beautiful views in Fall, they can be a pain when they pile up all over your yard, or block drains.

    But guess what? Now there’s a tasty, new way to deal with this problem: Fried maple leaves!

    This crispy snack is popular in the Osaka region of Japan, but making them is not easy as it looks—you can’t just pick up any leaf on the ground and fry it.

    First they have be soaked in a bucket of saltwater for a whole year. Then they get wrapped in panada before frying. You can add sugar and sesame, and fry it like tempura.

    (Source: Mop)

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