Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Enchants New York City Music Lovers

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Kicks off tour in New York City. (Shen Yun/YouTube)

I knew I was going to like this show. Hearing about how they combine the sounds of East and West had me curious. I anticipated just how they would blend such musical families. I also looked forward to hearing Dvorak, Puccini, Berlioz, and Glinka, as well the original types of compositions this orchestra specializes in.

I wish I had spent more money on tickets. I could have sat closer to the sounds pulling at my body and mind all evening.

Regardless, I sat happy in my balcony seating as I watched traditional Chinese instruments, singers, and a gigantic orchestra.

Women playing upright, bowed, hammer-like instruments called erhu wore colorful dresses and soloed in front of the orchestra. There were also huge Chinese gongs which shook the theater whenever they were struck. And there were the quick-fingered, thunderous sounds of a guitar-like instrument called a pipa.

Aside from those, there were great opera singers with voices that resonated through me. There was even a trumpet spotlight in which three trumpeters gave virtuoso performances.

There was no relief from the hypnotic, beautiful sounds of the evening. The standing ovations led to 2 encores. The conductors ended the evening with baton magic. I’m happy.

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