Take a Look at This Glamorous Gold-Studded Car! (Photos)

    The car glinting in the autumn sun. (Weibo.com)A close-up of the golden VW Beetle. (Weibo.com)A unique car covered with gold coins in Fujian Province. (Weibo.com)

    If you you’ve always dreamed of having a gold car, here’s an affordable method you can try!

    Here we see a Volkswagen Beetle in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Take a closer look and you’ll realize it’s not really golden, but has over 10,000 5-mao coins stuck on it!

    Each one’s worth $0.08 so that’s about $800 in total!

    The amazing automobile has already caught many people’s eyes, but traffic authorities said anyone who drives it could be fined for improper use of Chinese currency.

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