This is the Venetian Art of Rowing, Sigh. Is It Really Dying Out?

Venice is the epitome of elegant, ancient Europe, and makes us wistful for another time and place. It’s still there for you to visit, with handsome gondola boats floating in the canals waiting for you and your love. But will they always be there?

Venice and gondola boats

Venice and its romantic gondola boats. (


Boating for transport was born of necessity in the watery city, but they are still embedded with the elegance and panache of the Italian’s of old. Well, apparently the “art of rowing” in the dream-boat city is being lost.

Check out this National Geographic short piece on the Art of Rowing in Venice, and how these two old fellows are doing their best to preserve it. “Native Venetians have concerns that the traditional art of rowing is dying out,” Nation Geographic says.

If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, maybe you should start making plans. Or maybe, the little video is exaggerating the situation to make more of a story, as one commenter alluded to, saying this is really not a concern of Venetians at all.


Venice and its romantic gondola boats. (


Venice and its romantic gondola boats and watery canal “streets”. (

What do you think? Fill us in.


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