This Video Proves That Young Hong Kong Activists Can Outsmart the Wolf

If you’re not clear about what’s happening in Hong Kong right now, this creative video might help you make up your mind.

It’s easy to be confused about what exactly is going on with two sides arguing opposite viewpoints—the pro-democracy protesters versus C.Y. Leung aka the wolf.

These visuals and lyrics show that by reversing reality, things suddenly make much more sense!



Did you know we need you to avoid falling into darkness?

We shouldn’t keep silent and let the Umbrella Movement spread out to let the cracks appear.

Fighting one and other, creating an unbalanced society, faking what the people really want,

Ignoring the rule of law and making the people suffer, they damage Hong Kong’s true core values,

If the SAR government won’t help the people, we cannot survive under Lion Rock.

We all know that clearly the real opponent of the eggs [defenseless people] is not the wall, it’s the mountain behind it.

You’ll be safe if you are on their side. It’s the only way out.

No matter who you are, speak out. This is the brutal reality.

But brutality is not inevitable.

You have the power to reverse it if you put it in the right order.

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