Famous ‘Angry Ram’ Has a Surprise, and He’s So Proud

Rambro, the “angry ram” has a bit of a fan-club (18,448 Youtube subscribers). He lives on a farm in New Zealand, and is known for chasing down anything that moves through his territory…motorbikes, drones, stuffed monkeys, his owner.

But today he’s feeling rather proud. He showed up with his lady sheep and a newborn lamb.

When New Zealander Matt Todd and the Arapawa ram first met, it wasn’t love at first sight. Rambro was all “You shall not pass!” about Matt and his dirt bike. Since then, they have developed an unlikely, albeit, rather unpredictable friendship.

“Looks like Rambro’s been busy… I didn’t even know the ewe was pregnant. Any ideas for a name?”

That little lamb should obviously be called Lambro…

Apparently Rambro is all cute and friendly one minute then backing up and ramming Matt in the legs the next. He also sounds like he’s saying “omelet” when he bleats. He’s not your average baa baa black sheep.


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