China Apparently Has a Giant Laser Gun

drone, china, human rights
Look out drone! Chinese officials have you in their laser sites. (Image: jurvetson via Compfight cc )

Remember when we posted that article about the drone flying around Beijing? That thing is apparently lucky it didn’t get shot down by a giant laser beam.

This scary laser is being touted as an anti-drone device. The Chinese government are so proud of this new weapon they’ve paraded it around Tiananmen square to show it off.

China claims that small drones are easy to obtain and will likely be used by terrorists, so they believe the weapon is well justified.

It’s interesting to note here that they didn’t supply any evidence that terrorists had used any drones in the past. This also suspiciously comes at a time when drones are being used to capture news worthy events i.e. Hong Kong and related human rights violations.

Let us know what you think. Is this just an innocent coincidence or does China have other plans for this giant laser?

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