These Classic Album Cover Reinventions Reveal a New Story

Justin Bieber
Check out your favorite album art, reinvented. (Image:

Some classic and more recent album covers from huge music artists were reimagined by English design firm Aptitude.

These extremely creative designs expand the world of our favorite music artists. They expand the scene and the picture. This is cooler than a remix, It’s like opening up the camera lens. Stepping farther back. Going wide angle.

The inside white square are the boundaries of the original album cover. Everything else is the larger world created by Aptitude.


Justin Bieber

The story behind ‘My World,’ where New York police find Bieber in California. (Image:

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s classic album, fully revealed. (Image:

Fat Boy Slim

Fat Boy Slim, fully realized. (Image:

The Beatles

The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ meets alternate reality. (Image:

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ rethought. (Image:


Blur’s ‘Park Life’ re-envisioned. (Image:

Check out all their album cover expansions here.


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