8 Simple Practices That Will Help Keep You Young

8 health tips for staying young. (Image: bayvoice.net)
8 health tips for staying young. (Image: bayvoice.net)

Following these 8 simple practices can help you stay young.


1. Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is a positive way to self-reflect, which has a lot of advantages. Especially if you’re nervous, it can help you calm down and enhance your sense of security.

2. Singing

Singing can make you happy, and relieve depression. It can strengthen your respiratory muscles like swimming and other physical exercises. When singing, abdominal muscles are fully utilized, thus enhancing metabolism. So it’s also a good way to lose weight.

3. Yawning and stretching

Yawning and stretching can keep you fit, and help you recover from fatigue. Stretching your neck and lifting both arms is an exercise that can extend the waist, as well as relax muscles and the spine. In just a few seconds, it can improve your blood circulation. Rhythmical stretching strengthens your waist muscles, prevents muscle strain, and straightens the spine to keep the body in good shape.

4. Raising legs

Your feet are full of blood vessels, and the nerves are closely linked to the brain and various internal organs. Lifting your feet above your heart can help fresh blood flow to the brain, and help your body and blood vessels relax,. helping the cardiopulmonary organs.

5. Eating while standing

A survey conducted by medical scientists found that the best dining posture is standing, followed by sitting. Standing is of benefit to digestion. Most people sit while eating meals, as it’s the most relaxing posture and convenient for conversation.

6. Drinking soup before meals

Drinking a small amount of soup before meals helps activate the entire digestive system so your digestive glands secrete sufficient digestive juices to make the digestive organs function fully. Drinking a few mouthfuls of soup is like adding some lubricant to the digestive organs. Drinking some soup or water before a meal can reduce the incidence of esophagitis and gastritis, etc.

7. Eating cold food

Scientists believe that lowering your body heat can help you live longer; eating cold food, swimming, and taking cold water showers intensifies the strength of the stomach and intestines to resist cold. Their functions can be stimulated by moderate coldness, and in turn, the lifespan of intestinal track can be gradually extended. Eating cold food reduces your body temperature from the inside out to help you resist fatigue, reduces blood lipids, lowers blood pressure, and relieves constipation.

8. Sleeping nude

Sleeping in the nude allows organs to have a good rest. As it is conducive to the circulation of qi and blood, it can relieve ailments and sores resulting from tension during the day. The body’s natural relaxation, coupled with better blood circulation, improves the symptoms of hand and leg coldness, and can help people to sleep soundly.


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