Clever Dog Goes to Police Station for Help After Losing His Owner

The clever dog waiting outside the police station for help (Image:

This is an unusual story about a malamute that reported itself as missing at a police station in China.

A policeman in Suzhou saw the lost-looking dog hanging around outside the building early on Nov. 1. If it could talk, it seemed like the dog would’ve said: “I want to file a report—my owner is missing!”

After two days of trying to find the owner, just as the officers were starting to get attached to the dog, they got a message saying someone had seen it before, and it might belong to a nearby property manager.

The police finally got hold of the owner, and found out that the dog’s name is Duo Duo. When the owner arrived at the station, he held the dog’s head and said: “I looked for him for days. I can’t believe I finally found him!”

And the policeman replied:

He actually came to us for help. We couldn’t believe it either!





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