How Did the Iraq War Cause ISIS? (Video)

Confused about what’s going on in Iraq or Syria, or how ISIS came to be such a terrifying terror ground?

Maybe you don’t really understand how everything unraveled so fast in Iraq or if the U.S. played a part at all, this video will help clear things up.

I put some timeline notes from the video below to help point you in the right direction. Watch the video and feel free to share with your friends, because their probably confused too.

  • In 2003 we invaded Iraq (some say for WMDs, some say for oil)
  • We ‘conquered’ Iraq, but had no plan after (enter in the age old Shia and Sunni divide)
  • Various terror groups trickle into Iraq, causes lots of fighting and civil war in 2006 (which divided Shia vs Sunni by geography)
  • Iraq becomes perfect training ground for terrorists
  • ISIS forms and spreads

Whats the solution?

Now that’s a bit above my pay grade to figure out.


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