Remembering Tiananmen: Former Protest Leader Looks Back in Hong Kong

Being at Occupy Central is painful for Zhuo Fengsuo because it evokes memories from when he was a student protest leader in Beijing 25 years ago.

In this interview, he compares his experience of the 1989 student protests with the ones happening now in Hong Kong.

“It was like a festival of freedom on Tiananmen Square. For the first time and the only time in the history of communist China, there was a period of freedom…”

He talks about how everything suddenly changed when the tanks were sent in, and how the Chinese people suffered.

“When I saw the tear gas right here, I just couldn’t… To me, it was like 1989 again.”

Then the Chinese government distorted the facts about what had happened, and those lies were repeated millions of times. Eventually they became reality for most people in China, and the Tiananmen students were made into the enemies of the state.

When Zhuo was forced to leave the square, he vowed to return, and he thinks that now is the time.

He feels happy to support the brave students in Hong Kong, but also sad and angry because: “It was our generation’s job then. We didn’t finish it. Now the young people of Hong Kong are picking up the torch.”





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