South African Youths Embrace Classical Music to Escape Poverty

I am so happy to see more young people embracing classical music. Despite all sorts of pop music, modern music, and local folk music, these youth still hold a place for the music of Mozart and Bach.

Classical music still holds a place for young people.

And with classical music these young people are offered an opportunity to travel, and to reach awesome heights of musical success. And the young people also learn and play traditional African music alongside an amazing classical repertoire.


Buskaid offers musical development for South Africa’s youth. (Screenshot:

With anything, it doesn’t come easy. A musician anywhere will have to put energy and focus into developing extraordinary skill, and what a benefit it is for people to develop that sort of dedication at a young age. This is the way to create world class musicians, something the world could never have enough of.

Rosemary Nalden

Rosemary Nalden has worked for the success of South Africa’s young musicians. (Journeyman Pictures/YouTube)

British viola player Rosemary Nalden started Buskaid in the 90s, and has since dedicated massive efforts into running the organization, and helping South Africa’s youth strive for musical perfection.


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