7 Five-Minute Healthy Dinners ( Infographic)

Image: Frenkieb via Compfight cc
Image: Frenkieb via Compfight cc

In modern times, we all seem to be busy, and most of us wish to eat healthy meals. When the time for cooking a meal is like an unattainable beautiful dream, eating healthy becomes an expensive habit… but still less expensive that being sick.

But not all healthy meals require being a slave to the kitchen. What is best, many of them can be done in 5 minutes (not counting cleaning, of course).

Having a healthy home cooked lunch has never been faster.

So be happy! Here is an infographic for 7 healthy meals that can be cooked in 5 minutes. You could steam, toast, or stir fry the ingredients—it’s up to your taste.

7 five min dinners

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