Watch This Beautiful Anime and Learn One of Life’s Most Precious Lessons

Acting too quickly. Doing something that fills us with regret. We’ve all been there. And there’s always that wish that time could be turned back just this once.

This anime shows how the pain of regret can be worse than physical pain.

It’s as if the pain of regret is 100x worse than the physical or emotional pain we may have caused others.

Dreaming in a field

What did I do? (kako channel/YouTube)

We become an embarrassment to ourselves, and can’t stand to have done something wrong, even after the other person has long forgotten.

Watching the fight

Are they really going to fight? (kako channel/YouTube)

boiling anger

I can’t take it anymore! (kako channel/YouTube)

hurt on the ground

Now you’ve done it! (kako channel/YouTube)

Amazed at how she acted

Maybe I went too far. (kako channel/YouTube)

In life everyone makes mistakes. Some realize it soon. Some reflect on it later. And some never come to see it.



I feel awful. (kako channel/YouTube)

In all cases we should be kind. For what if we were in the other position.

dinner time

Join us for a snack. (kako channel/YouTube)

refuses watermelon

I don’t feel like eating right now. (kako channel/YouTube)

family astonished

What’s wrong? (kako channel/YouTube)


Remember the sting of regret? Who is immune to it?

sad at school

Oh I feel so sad! (kako channel/YouTube)

apology not accepted

I’m here to apologize. (kako channel/YouTube)

storms off

Get out of my way! (kako channel/YouTube)

on the floor

Why’d you have to knock me down? (kako channel/YouTube)

The anime is the senior project of a a student from one of Japan’s top art universities.


Oh what do I do now? (kako channel/YouTube)

following her

Maybe I should have given her a chance. (kako channel/YouTube)

bowing to her

I’m sorry. Apology accepted. (kako channel/YouTube)

big clouds

This is bigger than us.(kako channel/YouTube)

helping each other

Ooops! Thank you. (kako channel/YouTube)


The the title here is A Reflection of One’s Mind, a better translation might be Feelings on a Cloud.

happy and hopeful

Wow! The sky is changing. (kako channel/YouTube)

A rainbow

I bet we both feel better now. (kako channel/YouTube)

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this aspiring anime artist.

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