Tokyo Marathon Will Feature Runners Wearing Slave Robots

There will be a couple runners intent on running this marathon with wearable robots. The marathon is set to take place this weekend in Tokyo. On Saturday and Sunday, separate races will feature two variations of runners sporting robots feeding them healthy tomatoes.

And what’s the point of this? Wouldn’t a runner not carrying anything on his back do a lot better? Perhaps it’s about the statement he’s making, or about advances in wearable technology. Actually, it’s about the tomatoes.

One runner is an employee of tomato company Kagome, while the other will be a pro runner the company is sponsoring. The company will hand out tomatoes to all runners, but only these two guys will have robots to feed them while running.

It’s no telling how the robots will endure the entire race. I can just see it now, the heavy robot bounces off the guy and throws out all of it’s tomatoes, splattering them on the ground while our humanoid friend still tries to run for the finish.

Who will catch all those falling tomatoes?

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