Zach Snyder Reveals New Aquaman Look for Upcoming DC Comics Films

Aquaman Jason Momoa
The new Aquaman looks fierce. (Screenshot: Twitter/@ZackSnyder)

Stand aside Batman and Superman, DC Comics wants to create another successful movie superhero besides those ubiquitous two heavyweights. Aquaman is the next set to take the superhero stage. Will he gain acceptance or play the clown? He certainly won’t look the clown with this new revelation of his movie costume.

Director Zach Snyder takes Aquaman to new depths.

This is quite a change from the Aquaman we’ve come to know from cartoons and comic books. He’s looking more like an underwater overlord, a sea-guardian gladiator than anything else. It gives him a ferocity and seriousness we’ve never seen.


Aquaman will make his first splash in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before getting a long-rumored solo film. He’s also likely to show up in any Justice League, Wonder Woman, or other films DC is planning.

Anyhow, get a good look. Superman and Batman might have to take a step down off their superhero thrones. The lord of the sea isn’t playing around.


The Aquaman we used to know. (Image: “Aquaman issue 1, the new 52” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

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