Highly Anticipated Tesla Gigafactory Battery Plant to Open in 2016

The Tesla 3 elctric car expected to be available in 2017. (Screenshot/YouTube)
The Tesla 3 elctric car expected to be available in 2017. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Tesla is searching for 350 students for its Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada. The electric auto maker is planning on having an Expo at the University of Nevada’s Reno campus for summer jobs and internships. They are looking for students with chemical engineering, computer science, and mechanical specializations.

Tesla is bringing plans forward to 2016 for its Gigafactory battery plant. By accelerating its launch plans, Tesla said “that it will help bring down production costs and to ensure a steady supply of batteries for the high expected demand of Tesla’s lower-priced Model 3, due out in 2017.”

At a cost of $5 billion, the high output lithium ion batteries that will go into the Model 3 show how confident Tesla is on how well they will do in the future.

It is expected to provide about 50,000 permanent jobs for the residents of Nevada. Panasonic, its battery partner, has invested $2 billion, with Tesla Motors investing the same, and the state of Nevada contributing $1.4 billion in government incentives.

Here is a review of the Model S:

It’s a lot of money and a lot of confidence, but if their cars do as well as they predict, money is not an issue.

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