Instant Karma—Hamburg’s New Way to Stop People From Peeing on Buildings

This special paint repels water... and pee.
This special paint repels water... and pee.

There is nothing more disgusting than people urinating in public, don’t you think? A neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany, that is constantly used as a urinal has taken matters into their own hands to fix this problem.

On busy nights, the Hamburg neighborhood of St. Pauli, also known as the “party district,” on most nights ends up getting pretty stinky. This is a famous entertainment and red light district, and it’s where the Beatles got their first big break. Even today, its bars and cabarets attract up to 20 million visitors a year. The influx of people brings some predictable problems.

The residents of the community have located some of the areas that late night revelers frequently turn into urinals. Members of the Uwe Christiansen group have painted the lower walls of several buildings, especially on Reeperbahn Street.

Watch justice in action in a video about what the community group IG St. Pauli did to combat this problem:

Now, this is not ordinary paint. It’s “hydrophobic paint”, which repels water chemically and is very effective at doing it.

By using this paint, the pee splashes back onto the person who is peeing.

They call it “peeback,” which must be the fastest payback of karma ever seen.

A video of what the group had done with the paint has recently gone viral, getting over 200,000 views in just two days. “I’ve seen in Facebook and the local newspapers that the reactions were very positive. People were just tired of the peeing on walls, home entrances, and playgrounds,” said IG St. Pauli board member Uwe Christiansen.

The residents also posted signs on some walls warning passersby of the “anti-pee coating.” But they did recommend that party goers stop completely from peeing on buildings, because not all the painted walls are marked with signs.

This may be the answer for most towns and cities that have a similar problem. But I think it would be better not to tell them at all that it’s painted with hydrophobic paint—let them find out for themselves.

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