Kenya University Attack: Aftermath of a Massacre

Kenya is in mourning following the massacre of at least 148 people by Islamic terrorists at a university campus in the country’s northeast on Thursday.

Four terrorists from the al Shabaab Islamic terrorist group carried out the killings during a 15 hour attack. Of those killed, 142 were university students, three were security guards and three others were soldiers. Among the more than 100 injured are those who are in a critical condition.

Officials say the four jihadist gunmen were killed by Kenyan soldiers.

Christian Students Targeted

As seen in the above video by Channel 4, some students were spared by the gunmen if they identified themselves as Muslim. Those who said they were Christian were killed.

“The attackers were just in the next room. I heard them ask people whether they were Christian or Muslim, then I heard gunshots and screams,” said one 24-year-old survivor according to Reuters.


The same terror group killed over 60 people in a Westgate mall in Nairobi two years ago. In this attack the gunmen also spared Muslims and murdered those unable to recite verses from the Koran reports the BBC.

In December, al-Shabaab militants killed 38 Christians in a quarry in northern Kenya.

Since April 2013, the jihadists have killed over 400 people in Kenya.

Recently, al-Shabaab threatened to carry out a Westgate-style attack in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, which you can find out more on below.

Allied to al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab have said their killings are reprisals for Kenya’s military presence in Somalia and the alleged ill-treatment of Muslims within Kenya.

The same Channel 4 reporter from the lead video spent time in an al-Shabaab training camp plus areas the group controls in Somalia. You can see his video produced in 2013 below.

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