Actor Celebrates Robin Williams With Uncanny, Realistic Impressions

This young impressionist gives just about the most accurate Robin Williams impressions I have ever seen. This is amazing. He’s channeling the spirit.

This guy plays Robin Williams better than Robin Williams.

I don’t think this is Robin Williams’ son, at least in this life, but he could sure play in any movies they were planning to cast Robin Williams for.

The actor here is Jamie Costa. He perfected his acting while at a military school. This led him to an internship with the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

Since then, he’s become known on YouTube and Vine. When he’s not on those platforms, he’s working on films. This is the latest one of his short, online acting showcases.

He does every movie I remember Robin Williams from. He does Mrs. Doubtfire, Moscow on the Hudson, Good Will Hunting, among many. He particularly nails Williams characteristic dance. He does it better than Robin Williams could.

This makes me want to raid the video store or streaming video services, and spend about a week watching every Robin Williams movie ever made. Then I might want to post a video just to see if I could do better impressions.

What I like most about this guy is that he’s pretty short. He’s shorter than Robin Williams, and is similar to my height. I think that gives him a particular brand of comedy that only short people can channel. It’s like a concentrated burst of funny.

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