Do You Have the Patience to Wear an Ancient Japanese Hairstyle?

I’m looking at how these Japanese women dressed themselves in the 1930s, the time of this video. Japan had already been westernizing at that point. So even this old video is relating to something much older. But just looking at it makes me wonder how they could do this every day.

Maintaining traditional beauty takes a lot of time and skill.

The hairstyle is called the mage. There were different styles of mage for different periods in Japanese history. The process of putting it all together like this, this kind of ceremony, is called the mageyui.

japanese hairstyle

Would you have the patience to do this day after day? (Screenshot/YouTube)

Every so often, walking through New York City, I’ll see women dressed like this. It just makes me feel happy to know people appreciate cultural dress. It usually accompanies some cultural festival or celebration. But beauty like this is worth all the effort in the world.


Here’s where the whole outfit comes together. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Next time you are thinking of dressing for a big event or night on the town, go for one of these traditional Japanese hairstyles for something unique and extremely elaborate.

If you are really planning on doing this, you’ll have to start growing your hair out now. Look at how many times and how many layers of hair get wrapped. You could also go for a little help with hair extensions. You can see how the woman in the video does it.

Sumo hair

This sumo has the ginkgo leaf hairstyle. (Image: “Tochiazuma Daisuke.‘ Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

These days, the only frequent guardians of traditional Japanese hairstyles are sumo wrestlers. They have a version which comes from the times of Samurai warfare, where the hair was tied into a vertical bun to keep a helmet secured atop the head.

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