A Wingsuiter’s Journey: Why Flying This Way Is Completely Radical

Pure insanity. The amount of adrenaline that this must produce is beyond me. I get stoked on little waves; I couldn’t even imagine flying through the streets and mountains going at what seems like no less than a trillion miles an hour.

Seriously though this short documentary is quite insightful. It gives you a real look at the psyche and motivations behind one of the world’s most dangerous sports.

Flying through the air in a wing suit isn't for everyone!  (Screenshot/YouTube)

Flying through the air in a wingsuit isn’t for everyone! Got to take the risk to get these views.  (Screenshot/YouTube)

The documentary is called Outlines, and it chronicles the journey of Espen Fadnes, a World Wingsuit Champion.

His view from flying in a wingsuit is unreal!

The short film documents the short history of of Fadnes' history and where we, and the sport started and where it's going. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This film documents the short history of Fadnes’ experiences, where the sport started, and where it’s going. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Wingsuiting isn’t that old having really only begun in the 1990’s. The support is starting to come around with major sponsors jumping at the chance to get on the popularity train.

The sport has just begun where can it go? I guess no place but up! (Screenshot/YouTube)

This sport has only just begun, so where could it still go? I guess no place but up! (Screenshot/YouTube)

Check out the documentary above and share it with your (more extreme) friends!

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