What Else to Do With Your Coffee Besides Drinking It… Maybe Drawing?

After writing about different types of coffees, and how to put my coffee cup to good use, here comes a new story …

What to do with coffee stains?

Even in my wildest dreams I could never draw like Carter Asmann, a California-based illustrator and photographer, or think up such a unique way of creating art from coffee rings.

Apparently it all started when a coffee spill on his sketch book became part of a drawing, and gave him the idea to combine this organic medium with his detailed illustrations.

I asked Carter how he turns what looks like an accident into his amazing artworks, and he explained the process to me: “I typically will find inspiration for somewhere and everywhere. I then spend some time sketching and planning the subject.

“Once I have an idea of how the drawing will look, I (carefully) spill coffee around a coffee mug, and then I strategically place the cup in an arrangement that compliments my sketches.

“Once the spilled coffee stains dry, I sketch my drawing in place, and then I begin to add more and more detail and shading.”

So this project began by accident, like a lot of great ideas. Maybe next time we make a mess, we can turn it into a nice piece of art, and explain it this way to our family and friends…

Meanwhile let me share my own artwork with you:

Image: Silvia Gleizer

Bye! (Image: Silvia Gleizer)

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