This Cute Puppy Makes a Perfect Musical Instrument (Funny Video)

How do you enjoy spending time with your puppy? Maybe you like taking him for a walk in the garden, playing catch, or just cuddling that little fluffball.

Well, this Chinese lady has definitely come up with a unique way to make her and her little schnauzer happy.

In the video, the puppy is lying in her lap with its tummy showing. Then we realize that schnauzer is the pipa (a traditional four-stringed musical instrument in China) that her mistress is playing. She looks so content and tickled as her mistress “plucks the strings” and rubs her little belly. The lady must have been trying hard not to burst out laughing while the footage was being filmed.

The video got shared on Weibo over 13,500 times in one day, and received more than 3,000 comments. Some bloggers tried the same thing on their own dogs to see what would happen. One wrote:

Ran the experiment on my dog. Now she looks at me like I’m mean. Damn!


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