These 3 Little Daoist Monks Are Adorably Cute (Photos)

Three little Daoist monks. (Image:
Three little Daoist monks. (Image:

In most people’s minds, Daoist monks are usually wise and clearheaded, yet also austere and detached.

They wear black cloaks, and live in secluded places, untouched by human emotions with a calm and solemn look.

Real Daoist monks may seem inaccessible or unapproachable.

However, these photos of three little kids dressed up as Daoists totally changes this impression. In fact, many bloggers found the series really heartwarming—it’s just too cute to resist.

In the photos, a little boy and two little girls are dressed like Daoist monks, wearing traditional robes and old cloth shoes. The girls’ hair is tied in a bun with a wood hairpin, just like the ancient Daoist monks.

Eating apples. (Image:

Try this apple. (Image:

Eating apples. (Image:

Pondering eating apples. (Image:

Practicing Chinese calligraphy. (Image:

Practicing Chinese calligraphy. (Image:

Lost the line games. (Image:

Losing the game. (Image:

What are you laughing at behind you pals? (Image:

What are you laughing at? (Image:

Playing the game of rubber band skipping. (Image:

Rubber band skipping. (Image:

Yawned in the late noon. (Image:

Yawning in the afternoon. (Image:

Rock, paper, scissors. (Image:

Rock, paper, scissors. (Image:

I can keep good balance. (Image:

I can balance well. (Image:

A big smile is the answer to most things in the world. (Image:

A smile is the answer to most things in this world. (Image:

Little philosopher. (Image:

Little philosopher. (Image:

A big bite. (Image:

Big bite. (Image:

Cross-line is a good game to train your brain. (Image:

Good brain training. (Image:

Taking a nap while waiting someone to open the door for me. (Image:

Taking a nap while waiting to be let in. (Image:

OK, no problem! (Image:

OK, no problem! (Image:

We will see you next time. (Image:

We’ll see you next time. (Image:

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