Indigenous Singer-Songwriter Kahl Wallis Swoons Australians

Best known as the frontman of Australian band The Medics, Kahl Wallis claims the 2015 National Indigenous Arts Awards Dreaming Award, which is a gift of A$20,000, which will fund the recording of a major body of work.

Kahl is a “Wuthathi” man from the the Cape York region, and will use this amazing opportunity to return home to Far North Queensland to explore his heritage, and record a solo album sung in his traditional language. He also plans to make an accompanying documentary about this journey.

Kahl sings and plays guitar in two bands, The Medics and The Painted Ladies, with a strong voice for environmental and social justice. In his songs, Kahl spreads messages of positive social change and connection to Indigenous culture. He also lives this message, as he mentors Indigenous youth who live in remote communities in matters of health and music.

Kahl Wallis has a strong social conscience and an anti-violence message to share with the world, in the language which touches us all—music.

Kahl Wallis sings Peace not War:

With a deep moral conviction and spirited voice, Kahl Wallis is set to contribute greatly to the Australian music scene in the years to come, and become a positive role model for Australian Aboriginal People.

And it’s not just his words that are stirring—his voice is swoon-worthy!

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