What Happens When a Fictional Pet Meets Real Objects?

Drogo the dragon and his adventures. (Image: Manik n Ratan/Instagram)
Drogo the dragon and his adventures. (Image: Manik n Ratan/Instagram)

Having imaginary pets is not uncommon, especially for children. I have had some and probably you too—maybe a dog or a cat, but a dragon? I had never thought…

But twin brothers Manik & Ratan from Bangladesh have an imaginary dragon as a pet. Both being cartoonists, animators, and designers, they created a cartoon dragon named Drogo. It came out so cute that they wondered how it would relate to everyday objects.

So they poked Drogo with a pencil to see what would happen. It was so much fun to annoy Drogo, so they allowed him to play with different objects.

Let’s see how Drogo acted with the objects that he found.

1) The birth of Drogo, pencil poke:

2) Trying to give Drogo a shower 🚿 . But he doesn’t want one right now:

3) The dragonstine:

4) Brush your teeth, or teeth your brush?

5) Scaring Drogo:

6) Drogo is not here, but what a nice purse!

7) I think I have an idea!

8) I got distracted again, but this is a cute skirt…:

9) Returning to Drogo… he is very clean!

10) Drogo just wants to play around:

11) He loves brown sugar!

12) Drogo says hi!

13) He got stuck by Nokia… Forever.

Imaginary obstacles are insurmountable. Real ones aren’t.

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