Mysterious Large Ship Found in the Taiwan Strait by Chinese Fishermen

The mysterious ship is berthed in a fishing port of Fujian Province. (Image:
The mysterious ship is berthed in a fishing port of Fujian Province. (Image:

In those old adventure novels, one classic scene is when sailors find a huge rusty ship on their voyage, without anything on it. There were no people, either alive or dead. There was no cargo either. It was a ghost ship, drifting in the vast ocean alone, which was the best catalyst for a thrilling or horrific story.

One such ghost ship showed up in the Taiwan Strait recently. It was spotted by fishermen from Fujian Province. When fisherman Aodi and his fellows found it, the black ship was floating in the sea, and nobody was on it. The fishermen used three ships to drag the big hull back into the village. The ship is over 300 feet long, and more than 80 feet wide. It took them three days to take it to the village.

The ship can be sold for at least 10 million yuan (US$1.5 million) in the second-hand market. Even if was taken apart and sold as scrap, it is still worth more than 1 million yuan (US$150, 000).

The ghost ship is a valuable windfall.

A fisher man was pointing at the ship in the port. (Image:

A fisherman pointing at the ship in the port. (Image:

This ship was still in good condition. Most of its hull is black, with a bright yellow line in the middle. There was no any flag on the ship, but on one side of the hull is the name ADITAMA 6. The reporters from Nhaidu Newspaper did a lot of research on  information about foreign ships, but they found nothing that related to this alphanumeric combination.

The mysterious alphanumeric combination. (Image:

The only indicator. (Image:

The news reporter also noticed that there were no seats and no engine on the ship. The fisherman who found the ship told the reporter that the mooring rope at the head of the ship was broken. So the ship was probably tied to another power-driven vessel or broke away from its mooring, but got lost and left behind after the rope broke.

By now, the Chinese bureau of maritime affairs has been looking after the ship. Officials have said the ship should be returned to its owners.

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