So, Is Walmart Good or Bad?

An estimated 35 million people shop at Walmart every day, so yeah, the size and wealth of Walmart is astounding. And to give you some idea how much money the U.S. retail giant has, if it was a country, it would number rank 27 in the world in how much revenue it makes, and in doing so it beats countries like Austria.

It’s not surprising then that the Forbes 2015 list, which ranked the world’s largest companies per revenue, saw Walmart at the top beating Exxon Mobile (2), Chevron (3), Birkshire Hathway (4), and Apple (5).

They’ve come a long way since the 1940s when their first nickel and dime variety store opened.

The retail giant today has a presence in 27 counties, and employs over 2 million people.

To keep the wheels oiled, since 1991 they have spent $65 million on lobbyists to get them political influence with the powers that be.

The combined wealth of the Walton family is $150 billion, which is equal to how much the bottom 40 per cent of Americans are worth.

If that is the case, you wonder why they’re such lousy payers to most of their staff. The average Walmart worker makes $25,000 a year, but the CEOs make $25 million per year, according to the above video.

See the video below for more interesting and not so friendly facts about Walmart:

To keep the wheels oiled, Walmart has spent $65 million on lobbyists since 1991 to grant them some political influence with the powers that be.

Walmart has also been accused of predatory behavior when it comes to wiping out smaller local retail outlets that their stores may be competing against.  It’s claimed they also offer their workers not much in the way of health benefits, and they’re not at all union friendly.

I guess it gives corporates a bad name, and in true corporate fashion, they try their darndest to jump on a high profile issue, with their most recent one being their banning of the confederate flag from their stores. See a humorous video on that below:

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