The Worst ‘America’s Got Talent’ Act Ever Turns Into the Most Fun the Judges and Audience Have Ever Had

What a great turn of events! In the aftermath to a tense build-up of a ridiculous number on stage, the show hosts don’t let the audience leave disappointed. They get on stage and in on the action once the contestant has left, and make something out of nothing.

Simon claims this is the worst act he has ever seen on the show. He even says: “This is not why I came back to America.” This is indeed the act requiring the least amount of talent that you have ever seen. Why did the guy do it? Probably to tease the America’s Got Talent audience and prove something to his friends watching from home.

The judges immediately show their dislike and want him gone as soon as possible. Maybe he’ll take his act on to the next talent show or nightclub that is looking for clowns and buffoons with shallow tricks to taunt an audience.

But then again, who knows, he could have quite a hit on his hands. Maybe every circus could use a guy like him diving into a kiddie pool filled with whipped cream. Maybe he can change out the whipped cream for chocolate sauce, pudding, fish oil, or any number of household edibles. Disappointing, disgusting, but incredibly brazen.

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